Need a way to use the abundance of basil and tomatoes from your garden? Or do you need a quick salad to bring to your next BBQ party? Whip up this simple dairy free balsamic tomato basil salad. Fresh and delicious tasting! Click the image to get the simple and healthy recipe and pin for later!
Do you love chocolate? But maybe feel a little bit guilty every time you indulge? I have the PERFECT solution for you! Vegan mint chocolate bark. Completely nut free, vegan, guilt free, and delicious! Click on the link to find this easy vegan mint chocolate recipe. Pin to enjoy for later!
Do you constantly crave a salty, crispy snack? Are you starting to feel guilty about the chips you can't resist? These simple and healthy crispy chickpeas are the awesome solution to your problem! All you need is your oven and a little bit of patience. Follow the link to recreate this crispy chickpea goodness in your own kitchen!
These amazing muffins taste like a rich and indulgent treat, but they are definitely a healthy snack option! They are gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free, and nut free. It pretty much doesn't get any better than a healthy snack that tastes like it shouldn't be good for you!
Are you looking for the perfect healthy snack to satisfy sugar cravings. Try these soft and naturally sweetened sweet potato cookie dough balls for a healthy snack option. Click the image to find the full recipe.
Easy, six ingredient, homemade oatmeal banana muffins | Do you need an easy to make, healthy snack? This recipe is for you! Click through to get started or pin for later!