Side Dishes

Need a way to use the abundance of basil and tomatoes from your garden? Or do you need a quick salad to bring to your next BBQ party? Whip up this simple dairy free balsamic tomato basil salad. Fresh and delicious tasting! Click the image to get the simple and healthy recipe and pin for later!
When people ask if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life… I would choose soup! Soup is my ultimate comfort food – everyone has one. It is your go-to food for comfort, enjoyment, and guaranteed deliciousness. My number one reason for loving soup is probably because you can put into it anything you feel like eating that day or happen to have in your fridge, add some broth, and call it soup! Click this recipe for an amazing and delicious twist on soup with the perfect amount of heat. Click the link for the recipe!
Healthy Quinoa Taco Salad - The perfect "its almost summer" lunch option for you this week. Perfect for making a large batch to pack all week. Its filled with lots of vegetables, protein, and healthy fat. Find the full recipe by clicking the image or pin for inspiration later!
Do you need a quick and healthy side dish that is sure to impress all of your friends and family? This whole roasted and spice rubbed cauliflower is a perfect side dish for your next dinner. Click the link to see the recipe.