Little Home Cookbook

About Me

Hello, new friend!

My name is Nicole and I am so glad that you are here reading my little blog. My mission is to show you that cooking healthy food doesn’t have to be challenging. To me, being healthy means taking life in moderation for absolutely everything; this means food, sleep, exercise, work, and relationships. This blog is for those of us striving to live a more balanced life, especially as it relates to food. Most of my cooking is both gluten and dairy free as that is how we choose to eat in our home.

This blog is on its way to becoming my personal recipe book and collection of ideas. I hope that my food journey will encourage you and we can inspire each other. I would love to hear from you so leave me a comment or send me an email at

A little about me.

I love good food! I’m a foodie to the core. If I had to list my interests the list would probably begin with eating, spending time in the kitchen (and I’m not talking about doing the dishes), feeding the people I love, and learning about food. I could spend hours a day on Pinterest, reading recipe books, and watching the food network; always searching for inspiration.

In April 2015, I graduated from the University of Guelph’s incredible Food Science program. It was awesome because I had the pleasure of spending every day in class learning about food! I learned an amazing amount of cool things, but I left with an overwhelming sense of how much I still have left to learn.

After graduating, I leapt into my first grown-up job, which I snagged through my professional network that I had built during my co-operative work experiences as a student. I worked at a large meat processing company. Meat is not my favourite food so to the surprise of many, I ended up loving meat processing. I was given some amazing opportunities to work alongside some experienced and intelligent people who took the time to teach me. Sadly, my fun ended quickly when the company decided to make big budget cuts in August 2015 and end all of the short term contracts in my department – bye-bye grown-up job.

Meanwhile, right before beginning my job, my incredible husband proposed to me and we started making plans for the future. He was offered his dream job and we weren’t going to turn this career opportunity for him down. He moved cross country and we began planning our wedding. I followed after we got married in November 2015 and now I’m living in a city where I have to start over, making new connections and learning the crazy street names.

Now you might be wondering where I’m going with this story. All of these events have contributed to my decision to create this blog. I am recently married, unemployed, and a stranger to a new city. Now, I have the unique opportunity to spend lots of time in my little kitchen dreaming up new recipes to nourish our little family. I often am getting requests for the recipes to my successful kitchen experiments and I’m hoping that this will be the perfect way to share this with you (Hey Mom!) and for you to share yours with me.